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Ashley Tamiso


digital producer

About Me

Hi! I'm a Digital Producer with 10 years of experience who is passionate about creating new and exciting content for all digital platforms. I've spent my career with ESPN where I worked my way up the ladder from Content Associate to Producer of digital video content. I'm confident that my skillsets would translate well to any company, and I can't wait to hear from you!


SC Featured

Each Sunday, SportsCenter debuts a new SC Featured episode. It was my responsibility as a Digital Video Producer ensure that feature was prepped and ready for digital publish as soon as it airs on linear. This included but was not limited to-

  • Communicating with SC regarding air time and rights restrictions
  • Writing copy for all digital platforms
  • Creating intriguing thumbnails
  • Entering all metadata including monetization, tags, and sponsorships
  • Once published, sharing with appropriate partners for programming

This is an example from YouTube, but it ​was published on, the ESPN ​app, social platforms and shared as a ​push notification as well

On digital platforms, we aimed to ​find and create video that couldn't ​be found anywhere else. In this ​example, I produced a piece ​around Jordan Kilganon's ​sensational dunks. Other outlets ​had numerous videos of his ​impressive dunks, but we made a ​video that showcased all of his ​best and included some amazing ​reactions. On YouTube, this video ​saw 10M views, but it was shared ​across a number of platforms

going viral

Best-Of Highlights

ESPN's bread and butter is highlights, but as a Digital ​Video Producer I was responsible for taking it one step ​further and producing a video that would best serve ​digital fans vs. linear fans. In this example, the drama ​on the court was far more interesting than the match ​itself, so I assigned an editor and graphics designer to ​make a best-of the drama for the 2018 US Open final ​between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. The drama ​alone saw 12M views on YouTube. The video however ​was published across all ESPN O&O platforms at ​different TRTs with different metadata - directed at ​each platform's algorithm.

I produced this piece from start to finish with an editor. From ideation, to edit oversight, providing feedback for revisions, copywriting, entering metadata to publish and placement.

Steph Curry

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